Purchase Flow Chart of 789soft


1.payment system
For more information about regnow payment system, please visit: http://www.regnow.com/faq.html

2.Order Status
The order statuses include Completed/OK, Pending, Failed, Chargeback, Awaiting Payment, and Canceled. Only orders with the status of Completed or OK are successful. For other status, please visit the webpage below: http://www.regnow.com

3.Delivery Information
In the confirmation E-mail sent by SWREG or Regnow system, it is stated that "you will receive the key code within 2 business days". Please ignore this information, because the registration E-mail will be sent instantly by us after your order is successfully placed. If you have not received the registration info in half an hour after your order is successfully placed, you can visit our support center at http://support.789soft.com and contact our user support technicians.

4.Register your software
(1) To register our Windows products, we recommend that you download the program from the download URL provided in the registration E-mail. If you have the trial version downloaded from our website, please uninstall the trial version first.
(2) For our Macintosh products, you can use your registration info to register the program directly downloaded from our website or the download URL provided in your registration E-mail.

5.Contact Form
If you have any problems about your order, please contact us at [email protected]

  • 1.Select the software

  • 2.Select a payment method:

    (1) Credit Card via Secure Online Ordering
    (2) UK Cheque/US Check
    (3) Bank Wire/International Money Order
    (4) PayPal
  • 3.Check order status

  • Check Regnow order status

  •    Optional:Check CD status

    Check Regnow CD status
  • 4.Receive the confirmation E-mail from Regnow

  • 5.Receive the registration E-mail from us,download and register your software.